We understand that skaters of different levels have varying requirements when it comes to their boots. Six Point Zero are dedicated to help you choosing the boots that are right for you, whether that be particularly sizing and fitting requirements or boot performance capabilities. Contact us for more details and read more below about the brands we trust to provide you with the best fully customised ice skating boots.


Harlick boots was started in 1935 and since then all their boots have been especially hand crafted to exacting standards. Using a range of materials it is possible to buy a stock boot and customise to your requirements or have a boot custom made to match your own feet.

Jackson Ultima

Jackson Ultima is a global leader in figure skating boots and blades. Our expertise and passion for the sport is embodied in Jackson Ultima's commitment to technology that enhances the performance of the World's leading skaters. The company also offers a complete range of recreational figure and leisure skates to enhance the pleasure and enjoyment of all skaters.


For the skater you are today and the skater you hope to become, Riedell has the best figure skate for you.

Our skaters include champion medal winners, families enjoying a Saturday afternoon on the ice, and everyone in between. Across our five lines, choose from our popular LS Light Series with a lower cushioned backstay or our energized TS Traditional Series with timeless styling. Both series are infused with performance and comfort features to make the most of every moment on the ice.

Riedell offers the world's widest selection of standard skate boots and blades, or we’ll create a custom, premium, or special make-up boot with features of your choice. Match your Riedell Skates with the world’s best blades—John Wilson and MK—for a winning performance.