Ice skating boots for ice figure and ice dance skaters. We offer a variety of makes and models such as Belati, Edea, Graf and Risport. We also have Harlick, Klingbeil, Jackson and Riedell available on request - please contact us for further details. Click on the pictures below to access products.

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  • Belati

    Belati ice skates are made by hand with selected materials and meticulous attention to detail. Thanks to its modern equipment, the Belati company produces the best ice skates the market can offer. Belati means three generations of Italian experience and a long tradition of crafting quality products.

  • Edea

    Edea was founded in 2002, whilst relatively new to the market as a company the team have a strong tradition in manufacturing superior ice skating equipment. Edea aims to include innovation, Italian flair, style and modern craftsmanship within the  production of its skating boots. As a company they are well known for the ease of breaking in new skates and immediate comfort of their boots.

  • Graf

    The family owned company GRAF SKATES AG was founded in have been creating ice skates for over 95 years are renowned for their quality and superior workmanship. Made in Switzerland these boots are perfect for those with wider feet who like strong support. 

  • Harlick

    Harlick Skates was started in 1935 by a footwear manufacturer who specialised in making custom products for niche markets. Featuring a strong range of stock models Harlick skates combine tradition with style. Whilst the times and products have changed, Harlick still represents the best in custom made equipment which can be created, moulded and fitted to the skaters exact requirements.

  • Jackson

    Jackson Ultima was founded in 1962 by World Figure Skating Champion Don Jackson who has devoted his life and passion to furthering the sport of figure skating. Featuring a wide range of products Jackson skates are bound have a boot that is right for you, with their heat mouldable design these boots can be personalised to suit the wearer.

  • Riedell

    Riedell currently has one of the most complete and sophisticated product ranges on the market. Well renowned for their comfort and fit these skates are perfect for recreational skaters, high end competitive skaters and everything in between. Riedell also offers the option to build a completely custom boot designed to your exact specifications for the ultimate in comfort, performance, and style.

  • Risport

    In an area home to the finest shoe makers and craftsmen since 1808 Risport Skates was born. With distinctive features associated with the use of modern technology, Risport has always stood above its competitors. The company has been an industry leader offering innovative design and using materials and technology which meet the demands of amateur and professional skaters alike.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 40 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 40 items